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Friday, May 22, 2015

May 2015: Secret Mission

Happy Friday! After our 30-minute run, my husband and I staged a top secret mission to liberate some flowers in our neighborhood. I got tired of spending $4-7 every week for flowers from Walmart, Trader Joes, or Fresh Market. These flowers are not even fresh. They die in 1-3 days, making me realize that they are a waste of money. Our neighborhood community house has communal flower bushes. It was so funny how we did it. We were pretending to be exercising, but it was all a ruse. Haha! Love my husband for going along with my crazy ideas!

I'm wearing my new pretty dress from Sheinside with white sandals. To complete my look, I added a necklace from Rachel Marie Designs and JC Penney Bag.
Dress | Sheinside    Necklace | Rachel Marie Designs    Bag (similar) | here

Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 2015: Need to lose weight!

Hey, guys! Last night, I went running with my husband, because we have not done it for a while and got a little fat during our family's visit with us. While his parents were here, we ate the most unhealthy food you can imagine. We ate about 4 times at McDonalds. We also stopped at Sonic, Chick fil a, and 5 Guys. We really need to go back into shape. Haha, part of this is my fault, because I love chicken nuggets so much. They are so gross. LOL. 

For today's post, I'm wearing a new matching suit from Sheinside. I really need to lose some weight, because I was not very happy how I'm looking in this cute suit. The top let in some air to stay cool. The hat shields my head from the hot sun. It is a new hat that I got on sale from Asos. Did you ever do anything crazy with your family or friends to save you money? I would love to hear your story! 
Top | Sheinside   Shorts | Sheinside    Hat | Asos    Sandals | Asos   Backpack | Romwe

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 2015: Lovemartini Printed Skirt

Hi, sweeties! How are you? Yesterday was a pretty boring day for me. I thought that I will spend some time with my husband in the library, which isn't exactly a thrilling adventure, but he didn't pick me up! So I stayed at home and tried to work on my Instagram account @differentcands. I'm trying pretty hard to hit 10K followers, but at the moment I have only 7K! I want to tell all of my subscribers, and followers a big "thank you" for keeping me busy! 

For my outfit, I'm wearing a pretty printed pencil skirt from Lovemartini Shop. I paired it with Chicwish mint top and my favorite sandals that I got from Korea last year (you can find similar here).
Top | Chicwish  Top (Similar) | here    
Skirt | Lovemartini    Sandals | here   Rings | Queenhorsfall Closet

Monday, May 18, 2015

May 2015: Lady in Green

Happy Monday, people! Last week was quite exciting and super busy! We had extremely nice weather that allowed us to travel around Virginia. We visited Richmond for a few hours, walking around the places that my husband used to live before.  I never noticed in the past that Richmond looks so pretty when it gets warm. We also went to Portsmouth, and surprisingly, it is a really nice city. My father-in-law loves history and I could see that he enjoyed strolling about the oldest churches of Virginia. I must recommend that if you ever visit Virginia, do it during the spring or fall time! Summer gets too humid!

Today, I'm wearing one of the Oasap dresses that I got last week. It was pretty easy to style because of its rich color. For accessories, I picked my new must-have mini bag and sandals that I got from ASOS. Summer feels like it's in full swing. I am loving it.
Dress | Oasap    Bag | ASOS    Sandals | ASOS