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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide (2)

Hi sweeties! Here is my second holiday gift guide. This time I wanted to create something simple and casually stylish. I hope that this style set will be helpful for you guys! Let's take a look.

Fall Colors

These are the last days of Fall, and I want to enjoy adding more items to my wardrobe that have fun and vibrant colors. Orange is on my list! I don't care what glamorous magazines says about what we are supposed to wear this Fall. I am going to create my own rules. Stay bold, be young and colorful! My first piece was an orange long sheer coat from Fevrie. I think that that color inspired me to find more orange items for the Black Friday sale / Cyber Monday Sales! I am so excited... To not look too crazy, I wore dark layers underneath. To round out my lively assemblage, I picked a Lavender Moon necklace, Romwe hat and my vintage PRADA bag. Enjoy your 25% OFF with Special Discount : QUEENHORSFALL till 31 Dec 2014 on at http://www.fevrie.com/
Coat | here  Hat | here   Bag (similar) | here   Necklace | here

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to wear infinity scarf with leather jacket

Hey. my dears! Today, I would like to talk about infinity scarves.  Like many other accessories, it is a must-have item. Personally, I love them for comfort, warmth and style. Infinity scarves can be worn in hundred different ways. One of my favorite techniques is the head wrap. Most of girls would choose the basic way to wear this infinity scarf with the leather jacket. But I decided that my Verloop scarf is quite unique, that I can create a fresh style by mixing patterns. It helps to make it complete and harmonious.
Scarf | here     Dress | here    Boots | here   Jacket | here